Start cooking. Anywhere, anytime

Need a space to cook?

Look no more. At Cuyna we have individual cooking spaces for delivery

Reduce costs, save time and improve your operation

Investment savings

With Cuyna you avoid licensing, construction, equipment and installation costs. Save up to 80,000 euros / 35 m2 in initial investment.



Open your kitchen in record time and start cooking in 2 to 4 weeks in our kitchens


Fixed cost savings

Save up to 25% per year on rent, utilities, internet, software licenses, cleaning and maintenance.

Mask Group (4)

All included and more

Each Cuyna includes social spaces and lounge areas, delivery industry consulting and chef recruiting support

What is included in a Cuyna kitchen?

  • Group 3034 (1)

    High quality equipment

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Equipamiento completo Angelo Po*

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Cold tables with ingredient heads

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Individual refrigeration and freezer cabinets

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Sink and hand wash stations

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Common storage space

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Common washing space

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Dressing rooms

  • Group 3034 (1)

    Rest areas

Group 3070

Software to manage your sales

Track your metrics and operating account in real time to make the right decisions

Supply chain

Our Cuyna supply chain center provides you with the best prices for packaging, hygiene or equipment services and suppliers.

Last mile locations

We have more than 55 kitchen spaces in cities and areas with high customer density and high demand.

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